How to display your nft's

Somewhat supported

MetaMask fully supported ( preferred way )

Navigate to

Click on top right to “Connect Account”

Your NFT will automatically appear when you connect

  1. Navigate to ‘PlayStore’ or ‘App Store’
  2. Find MetaMask
  3. Install or Update
  4. Import your wallet you minted NFT from
  5. Navigate to NFT section
  6. Import NFT
  7. Add contract address
  8. Add the ID
  9. VOILA


What is the Contract Address?

First collection:

Second collection:


What is my id?

Please go to your mint history in MetaMask.

Once you found the transaction id.

Navigate to and paste your transaction.

Click on Logs and change the first Hex entry to number to reveal your ID.

I can't see image or description

Please allow some time to pass. Due to load congestions it may take longer to process NFT metadata & image.

I wish to convert to ERC 721 ( old NFT standard )
You may do so by filling out the form on the home page. click 'Convert to ERC 721'
I did everything still doesn't work
  1. Have you made sure you are connected to BSC network?
  2. Are you using the same wallet you minted from?
Everything else

Report other issues to dev team via Telegram

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